Augmented Reality (AR) in IOS

About Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) gives a combined view of the virtual physical object and the real physical environment. A virtual physical three-dimensional object is augmented to the Physical real environment by computer-generated perceptual information. AR enhances the real environment. Augmented reality demands hardware components such as visual input device(camera), sensors, processor, and display. The processor combines virtual object with visuals captured by a camera. Sensors detect the motion of device and processor adjust the view perception of the virtual object so that the viewer feel like the three virtual object is part of the real environment.


  • Education or training purposes

Since AR provides a three-dimensional view of the virtual world it can be used for training of employees or for educating students. For example, if we need to teach an engineering student about an engine, students can view the virtual model of an engine from all the angles. AR will play an important role in education in the future.

  • Entertainment and Gaming

Augmented reality can be used to develop games. Augmented reality provides a real-time experience to gamers. AR headsets provide a surrounding sound system. Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality game.

  • Military training

Augmented reality can be used for military training purposes. Head-Up Display (HUD) is used to train pilots. HUD transmit important details to pilot without losing focus from the flight.

  • Business development and customer support

A company can provide the virtual model of their product to the customer. The customer can view the physical features of the product without seeing the real product. For example, if a furniture shop has an AR app with virtual models of their furniture, they can show the customers how it looks when it is placed in their room.

Augmented Reality in iOS App

Apple provides the world largest Augmented reality platform. Apple provides a framework for developing augmented reality application to its application developers. AR kit is introduced by Apple to superimpose virtual three-dimensional object to the real world. Viewers feel like the virtual object is a part of the real world. A user can interact with a virtual object. They can change the position of the object by applying gestures on the screen.


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