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Quilon IT Solutions (Quiits) is a leading Information Technology & Telecom service provider. Quiits was established in 2011 with intention to provide reliable IT services to SME business. Our mission is to grow our partners business using SMART (Simple, Modern, Adaptable, Resilient, & Trustable) IT solutions. Our vision is to make notable progress in personal and professional day to day activities with the help of modern technologies. Our value SETS (Sustainable Development, Equal Opportunities, Trust & Social commitments) are integral part of our operations.

Our service can be broadly classified into:

Software Development & Maintenance

Seamlessly integrated IT solution is the backbone of every successful business. Having an IT team who can embark your business journey and implement effective IT solutions is the key to being successful or a failure. Quiits ensures our partners continue to be successful and stay competitive in their market.

VOIP & Telecom Solutions

Telecom industry is going through exciting times and we are one of the pioneers in VOIP and business process integrations. Implementing benefits of integrated IT & VOIP enables borderless collaboration and communications. Our team have been mastering the art of VOIP and IT integration since inception. Our partners benefit from telecom cost reduction and unified communications.

Digital Marketing

Today it has become a necessity for businesses to incorporate latest developments and innovations in the digital world. Digital channels plays a pivotal role in business growth, compliance, brand image, user engagement etc. If not managed effectively digital world can be an expensive game for businesses. Our Digital team of experts regularly works with our partners to ensure that they benefit from latest developments and innovations in digital world and succeed consistently.

Outsourced IT

Unless your main stream of business is IT, its challenging to be on top of the latest developments in IT and tap into benefits that IT can bring in. Our partners prefer outsourced IT due to this reason and our technology team ensures SMART IT solutions are implemented across the board & our partners benefit from latest developments in IT.

Internet of Things

Recent predictions says that there are around 8.4 billion connected devices in use worldwide. From consumer to industry specific , the capability to interconnect and communicate between devices increased tremendously. We converge digital platforms of our partners to leverage valuable information and optimize processes.

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